Monday, October 31, 2011

QualityWings Releases Another BAe 146/AvroRJ Video

This one shows a full flight, and the 2D panels.  Looks like they may be getting close to release.

feelThere! announces Embraer Phenom 100 (and more...)

feelThere! sent out a mass email this morning announcing the Embraer Phenom 100.  It is termed an "LE" product, which presumably means it is a less complicated model than their usual fare.  (Though as an aside, I've never found feelThere's planes to be overwhelmingly complicated compared to some.)

For those of you on Facebook, they have been showing off some previews of the Phenom on their Facebook page.

Elsewhere, I managed to dig up some interesting previews of their 737 PIC v2, which following in the same vein as the recent updates to their Airbus products, will apparently be termed the 737 PIC Evolution.  Apparently they are developing this update under contract for Wilco, according to their forums.  No clue on when it will be available, but looks to be progressing nicely.  This product covers the 737 Classic series (737-300/400/500) and should make a nice compliment to the 737 NGX or iFly 737 NG for those of you looking to simulate the entire Southwest Airlines virtual fleet.

PMDG Updates 737 NGX to SP1, Releases 600/700 Expansion

After several delays, PMDG has release the SP1 update to the 737 NGX.  For a list of the issues addressed with this update along with a link to the update, visit the PMDG customer forum.  Due to a number of changes in the aircraft.cfg file, PMDG recommends that you uninstall the previous version of the NGX, and reinstall with SP1.  (Yeah, I know, kind of a pain if you had a bunch of add-on liveries installed...)

PMDG also released the 737-600/-700 expansion pack to the NGX as well.  Cost is US $24.95 for now, available here.

I picked up the update and the expansion pack this weekend.  Most of the little minor bugs in the initial release have been worked out, and the plane is an even greater joy to fly now.  Give the 737-600 a try - even though it never sold well in real life due to poor economics, it climbs like a rocket when very lightly loaded.  Great fun!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Captain Sim Releases 757 Captain v4.5

Captain Sim has released the long-awaited v4.5 update to their 757 Captain.  I'm really looking forward to this one - hopefully it will fix a lot of the problems we previously experienced with the aircraft rocking from side to side on approach.  They supposedly completely removed the dependency on FSUIPC, which apparently caused more problems than it was worth.

Hopefully we'll get some nice fixes for the 727 Captain next...