Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Captain Sim Summer Sale (1 Day Only!)

Got an email from Captain Sim today. For 24 hours only, they are running a tremendous sale: all of their products are only €9.99! If you have been holding off on checking out their 727, 757, or 767, here is a great way to pick those up without breaking the bank. And if you find them less than satisfactory, then at least you're not out much. I think this is a steal. Check them out!

The sale will run from 15:00 UTC on July 1 (10:00 AM CDT here in the USA) to 14:59 UTC on July 2. If the servers are overloaded, keep trying.

Good luck!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

PMDG 737 NGX Preview: 25-Jun-2010

PMDG gave us a tasty shot of the throttle console of the NGX yesterday!

Wow. Is it real, or is it a computer-generated model?

Can't wait for this one. I think I'm beginning to sound like a broken record with these posts. :-)

Friday, June 25, 2010

feelThere Still Discussing 737 PIC Refresh

In a separate post in the E175/195 thread, Vic from feelThere! also mentioned that they are discussing the possibility of a refresh of the 737 PIC with Wilco.

Sounds nice -- I would assume this would be an update to the 737 Classic series (-300/-400/-500) as PMDG is already covering the 737 NG (-600/-700/-800/-900) with their upcoming NGX. From what we have seen of the NGX, it looks like it will blow the doors off of all challengers. Still, a full 3D virtual cockpit for the 737 PIC would be a really welcome development.

feelThere/McPhat Working on Update to E-Jets, Now in Beta!

I had seen some passing hint of this in the past over in the feelThere! forums a while back, but there have been some very interesting Twitter tweets coming out of McPhat Studios recently. It definitely looks like feelThere! is working on some kind of update to the E-Jets add-on, and this time, the 175 and 195 models will be included as well. McPhat appears to be doing some repaints for these new models at the moment. Recall that the original E-Jets release back in 2008 only covered the 170 and 190 models.

It is unclear whether this is an entirely new development, or will these new models will simply be an external expansion on the original E-Jets add-on. I would guess the latter myself -- the original E-Jets release is very high quality, and still probably recent enough that an entire rewrite would not be justified. I actually really like the E-Jets and still fly around in them from time to time.

Stay tuned...

EDIT: (previous incorrect speculation here removed)

This is a joint feelThere/McPhat project. They are referring to it as "EMBv2" and it has officially entered beta phase this week, according to the feelThere Twitter channel. Wow -- wonder what E-Jets v2 adds over the original E-Jets, aside from the new 175/195 models? Will be interesting to see.

In addition to texturing, McPhat now appears to be doing the 3D external modeling for feelThere on this project, which they have referred to as their "first 3D project." Looks like McPhat is expanding their sphere of influence a bit. This is good news, as it may enable companies like feelThere! to leverage McPhat's talents and put out products more quickly.

I have updated the title of the blog post accordingly.

EDIT 2: had I been paying closer attention, there is a whole thread about the new EMBv2 going on over at the feelThere! forums. :-)

Vic mentions that the following new features will be included:
  • 175/195 models
  • Call! for E-Jets
  • A HUD based on Embraer's HUD
  • "Something else" to be named later (oooh, don't you love surprises?)
EDIT: there is some speculation elsewhere that the "surprise" may be Map!, though feelThere! has not confirmed this. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Between feelThere!, PMDG, and Captain Sim, it seems my wallet is guaranteed to stay thin for the next several months. :-)

Further clarification: this is a SEQUEL to the E-Jets, not a replacement! The EMBv2 will ONLY include the 175/195 models. If you want the 170/190, you have to buy the original E-Jets product.

Vic also hints that feelThere! is working on their first airport scenery project.

FlightSimLabs Updates Concorde-X to SP2

FlightSimLabs has updated their Concorde-X add-on to SP2. Read the announcement here.

This update adds a new Performance Calculator utility, and fixes several bugs and issues discovered after SP1 was released.

Still planning to pick this one up soonish, as I have heard lots of good things about it. Just been very busy this summer...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Captain Sim Updates B-52 Driver Preview

Captain Sim has been nice enough to give the fans some Aerosoft-style progress reports of their B-52 Driver virtual cockpit under development! They just gave us another update today. Very impressive work over the last month or so.

Looking really sharp. The B-52 is shaping up to be a very nice companion to their C-130.

In other Captain Sim news, wonder when the 707 Captain will drop? They have been kind of quiet on that one lately...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wilco Releases Piaggo P180 Avanti II

After being announced on their website several months ago, Wilco has finally released the P180 Avanti II for FSX! Looks like a fun little ride. As a bonus, you get a drivable Ferrari in Flight Sim.

Cost is €27.95 for European customers, or €23 for everybody else. That presently works out to about US $28.50, thanks to the more favorable exchange rates recently. Quite the bargain!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Previews of Aerosoft/DA CRJ VC

The CRJ VC is trucking right along!

PMDG Dreamlifter?

Robert Randazzo at PMDG gave the fans a tease of another project in their skunkworks today. Looks like a Dreamlifter!

No word on whether this is another external model extension on the 747X like their recent 747-8(probable), or an entirely new project.

Sorry for being so PMDG-centric with the blog lately, but as you might have guessed, it's mostly quiet elsewhere in the flight sim scene.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PMDG Unveils Screenshot of 737 NGX Radio Stack

PMDG gave us a little more than a sliver of the 737 NGX today -- wow!

This is going to be an amazing plane.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another PMDG 737 NGX Preview Sliver

Vic posted another preview sliver of the 737 NGX cockpit yesterday. Looking good!

In other PMDG news, Capt. Robert Randazzo (PMDG head honcho) came in fourth in Nevada's Democratic primary race for Lt. Governor this week. Oh well. Perhaps now he will have more time to focus on making great virtual airplanes, at least.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Digital Aviation CRJ: Early VC Preview

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft posted some early views of the 3D virtual cockpit from the upcoming Digital Aviation CRJ! Enjoy.

It's still very rough, but there is a lot of nice potential shaping up here. It will be fun to watch it blossom into fruition.

Very nice of Mathijs to share the progress of the CRJ with the flight sim community. Thanks!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Digital Aviation/Aerosoft CRJ Update: 27-May-10

I missed this last week because of the Memorial Day holiday, but Aerosoft gave us another weekly preview of the progress on the Digital Aviation CRJ. See the post here.

The exterior model is looking really sharp! Can't wait to see some of the developments on the interior.

PMDG Gives Another Sliver Glimpse of the 737 NGX

The cats over at PMDG are having a lot of fun with this -- and of course, we simmers are eating up every minute of it. :-) PMDG has given us another sliver preview of the 737 NGX, this time the radio panel.


I have a feeling they are going to sell a lot of these.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Captain Sim Gives Early Preview of B-52 Driver, Part 2

Captain Sim just gave us another update on the B-52 development, including some juicy shots of the 3D virtual cockpit. Enjoy!

Hmmmm, between this and their excellent C-130, looks like we're going to have to assemble the Pretend Flyer Air Force. ;-)

Memorial Day 2010 Thoughts

I apologize for being a day late with this, but I was away from the computer for most of the day yesterday. Here in the U.S., we celebrated Memorial Day on May 31. Memorial Day is intended to be a day set aside to remember the fallen heroes who died in the defense of our nation.

So, I just wanted to offer a heartfelt thanks to all the brave men and women who died in the line of duty. Without their sacrifice, we would likely not have the freedom to enjoy our seemingly trivial (by comparison) hobbies like flight simming, or even more important stuff like our families, careers, homes, and so on. My prayers and sympathies are with the comrades, friends, and families left behind by their passing. I hope that those who remain will find comfort and healing.