Friday, June 5, 2009

Captain Sim 727 v2.2 Available

Hot on the heels of the recent 757 v4.3 update, here comes Captain Sim again with another update for their 727, v2.2. Here is a list of fixes, copied from their site:

The 727 Captain (Pro Pack, -200 and Freighter) version 2.2 for FSX is available and includes the following new features, fixes and enhancements:

New features:
    - Authentic Sound Set!
    - CS Weather Radar compatibility/synchronization with VC
    - Cargo Door light
Pro Pack Systems:
    - Flight Director Off fix
    - Flight Director Pitch Control fix
    - Flight Director Mode Indication fix
    - Approach Progress Display (APD) Minor fixes
    - Approach Progress Display Light Test fix
    - Fuel Dump Door fix
    - Fuel Icing Lights fix
    - Manual Engines Start fix
    - N1% and N2% mini-dials fix
    - Inflight Engines Start fix
    - Oil Quantity Test Switch fix
    - Gear Indicator lights test fix
    - Systems reset after using FSX menu fix
    - 'Warning' and 'No smoking' lights fix
    - Pressurization System fix
    - Cabin Pressure Control gauge fix
    - Airspeed bugs night lighting fix
    - LE FLAP in transit light fix
    - Stick shaker fix
    - HDG CARD off flag fix
    - Pedal Brakes Animation fix
    - GPWS Indication Light fix
Models and textures:
    - Texture fixes
    - Interior Model Geometry fixes
    - Lightmap fixes
    - Freighter Load Manager fixes
    - Updated Manual
    - ACE fixes
If you already purchased the 727, go check in and pick up the update. If you are buying the 727 new, this update will be included in the installation package. Enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Airsimmer A320 May Progress Update

The Airsimmer folks recently posted the May progress update on the Airbus add-on, including some screenshots. Man, it looks sweet! Can't wait to fly this bird. Hopefully they are on the homestretch toward releasing it sometime soon.

Air France A332 Missing Over Atlantic

Terrible news. The aircraft seems to have suffered some kind of electrical fault in the midst of flying over or through a nasty storm over the Atlantic Ocean. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but it most likely suffered some kind of catastrophic fate. Thoughts and prayers with the families of those involved during this difficult time.