Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wilco/FeelThere Working on CRJ NextGen

Wilco/FeelThere seem to be continuing the trend of refreshing their old products.  The SimWare Simulations website seems to have the inside track with Wilco of late - they broke news of the 737 PIC Evolution first with a preview several months ago.  And now, just last week, they showed off a preview of the next Wilco/FeelThere project: a CRJ NextGen series.  They have some screenshots of external CRJ-700, CRJ-900, and CRJ-1000 NextGen models.  Very nice looking.  Should be interesting to see how these turn out.  I'm guessing we will see these released sometime in 2012.

Hopefully this will light a fire under the Digital Aviation/Aerosoft folks to get their long overdue CRJ out to the masses soon, too!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wilco/FeelThere Release 737 PIC Evolution

I hinted about this one a couple of months ago, and now it's official: Wilco has released the 737 PIC Evolution.  This is an update of the 737 PIC with better 3D modeling, an improved VC, and some other features.

It comes in two versions: standard and deluxe.  The standard version is €28.88 for U.S. customers (or €34.95 for Europeans paying VAT), which works out to about US $38.  The deluxe version apparently includes some additional liveries (though this is not immediately obvious from the Wilco site) and costs €37.15 (or €44.95 for Europeans paying VAT), which works out to about US $48.

This product covers the 737 Classic series, which consists of the 300/400/500 series.  For those of you looking to assemble a complete Southwest Airlines virtual fleet, this will provide you with a 737-300 and a 737-500 to go along with your 737-700 from either PMDG (737 NGX) or iFly (737 NG).

This seems to have gotten some mixed reviews initially, with the consensus being that the product was probably rushed a little for the holiday season.  It may get better after Wilco/feelThere start releasing service packs.

I will probably be checking this one out over the holidays very soon.

QualityWings BAe 146 Goes Beta

QualityWings just announced that their BAe 146 project has just entered its initial beta test period!  The first beta release includes the RJ70, RJ85, and RJ100 for FS9.  More variants and FSX support are forthcoming.  They expect an initial release in February.  I'm looking forward to this one.

PMDG Updates 737 NGX to SP1b

It's been a relatively quiet few weeks in the world of flight sim, but there have been a few interesting developments of late.  First of all, PMDG has released the SP1b update to their 737 NGX product.  This is a free update that consists of mostly minor bugfixes.  The update comes in two parts - one for the original 800/900 series base release, and another for the 600/700 series expansion.  If you are buying new, the NGX installers have already been updated to SP1b.

More info about the update is here.