Saturday, August 30, 2008

Captain Sim 757 Redux

Forgot to mention that the Captain Sim 757 has a really nice external configuration editor, known as the ACE for short. The ACE provides two main features:
  1. As with most add-on planes with external configuration utilities, you can configure the initial load and fuel level of the plane once it loads.

  2. The ACE also provides a nice livery manager, which makes adding new external liveries effortless. One feature of this is that you can turn on or off the winglets on any 757 model currently installed. Remember the Continental 757-300 that had winglets in my review yesterday? Here is how it looks without winglets, which should be a more realistic representation of the 757-300s actually flying right now:

I honestly have no idea if the presence of winglets is accurately modeled on the 757 in terms of fuel consumption. It could be that the winglets are merely there for cosmetic purposes.

Also, I managed to snag a pic of the weather radar in action today:

I did get one CTD (crash to desktop) while messing around with the approach speeds in the FMS. Grrrrrrr. Think I'll try to contact Captain Sim support about this.

UPDATE: the CTD was reported in Captain Sim's forums about a week ago. No response from the developers yet. Hopefully they will address this issue soon in a service pack.

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