Friday, August 8, 2008

A Good Fokker?

Thanks to an unexpected windfall, today I decided to go ahead and pick up Flight1's Fokker F70/F100 add-on, developed by Digital Aviation. I figured the "early adopter" pricing was too good of a deal to pass up, as I will be able to get the 3D VC upgrade when they release it at no extra charge. I'll give it a fly this weekend, and we will see if it is indeed a good Fokker airplane to fly.

The Fokker F70/F100 series never really caught on much in the U.S., where regional jets like the CRJ and ERJ largely fill the same niche. However, they remain widely popular in Europe and Latin America for smaller markets. The F100 looks remarkably similar to a DC-9-30. The Airbus A318 and Boeing 737-600 are probably the closest comparable aircraft still in production.

BTW, sorry for the bad pun. :)

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