Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wilco E-Jets PIC v1.2 Update

Wilco has released a v1.2 update for their E-Jets PIC add-on. Get it from their support page if you need it...

No clue yet as to what this one fixes.

EDIT: here is a list of fixes from feelThere's forums for v1.1:

The following items has been added/fixed/removed in the service pack:

+ added
* fixed
- removed

+ no PRESENT POSITION at FMS powerup
- click sound for APU GEN button
* FLEX temp rate changed to 0.3% per 1 centigrade
* BARO color on PFD
* NO TAKEOFF message doesn't produce triple chime when parking brake is on
* Y/D is on by default
* ISI works on batteries
* FPR line is shown automatically when FPA mode is active
* Origin waypoint colour is yellow in CDU
* G/S loss in autoland
* tied Vert Profile range to Map/Plan range
* increased T/O thrust
* reduced spoiler drag by 30%
* improved in-turn behaviour
* exchanged VR and V2 bugs
* CTD at automatic flight plan clearing after flight
* CTD at failed flight plan export in FSX
* ILS detection
* AT behaviour at manual landing
* correct EMB 190 sign in the 190's and Lineage cockpits
* ground spoiler in the interior view
* wiper upper part now moves in the VC
* wiper moves on the external model (fsX only)
* animated elevator trim on the exteriors
+ new simicon including a popup flight information instrument
* Lineage interior modeling bug

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